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SEA seasonal PM 0.00 DNE work orders

0.00 DNE SEA work orders are filled in differently so let's go through this simple process, but 1st let's check to make sure this is the kind of work order you have. 

If your work order looks like the below picture then the following steps are for you!



Now let's go over how to fill it in!

1st)  Check your status that is at the top of the screen make sure it is in

12-6-2017_7-02-36_AM.png Pending Vendor Invoice, if not click Actions and choose

Work Complete- submit invoice.


2nd) Click the Paperclip  12-6-2017_7-06-59_AM.png and click choose file or just drag and drop the required documents requested per contract IE: Sign off sheet, before and after pictures, invoice copy, or Pre-Site Assessment form.




once you are done adding your attachments you are all done! click the little X at the top and move to the next one if you have any other


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