Ninestars bootstrap 3 one page template

Quoting on fmPilot 2


1st:  Login to

2ndUnder your Vendor Directory, under Client click on the Client name you need to quote for.




3rd: Click on or Search the work order number 



1st: make sure you work order is in Pending Quote



2nd: click Finance.

3rd: Click Add or the Amount next to Quote 1


 4th: Enter in the Description of Work performed\to be performed



5th 1st Click the white Details drop-down option, 2nd select the type of cost to be entered, and 3rd select the ‘Add Item’ button.  Repeat this step until you get to your Needed Quote amount for your future invoice



When adding Labor: 

  • Select “Manually Calculate Rate”
  • Click “incurred” if it applies
  • Select the number of “Hours”
  • Select the “Rate”
  • Then click “Update” 






 Submitting Your Quote


6th: Click the Save icon , the screen will flash or you may get a pop up asking to leave the page, please click Leave page for it to save.


7th: Click the “Actions” and click Submit quote


 The status will update to WAPPR- Waiting on Approval 



If you still have questions or need assistance please click on the below button and request help from one of our training/support specialists.


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