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Updating Work Orders from List

Work Order Group Updating


While you are still in your Work Order List view you have the ability to update the status of a work order in groups. This is a time saving tool and is very helpful if you have multiple work orders to update at the same time.

Once you click on the box next to one of the work orders, you will wait a few seconds and the actions tab will appear, this is next to Display status.

**Until you click on one of those boxes this option is not available.


As you can see once you selected the box next to the work order number the actions tab is now there.

You will then choose “Select All”.

This will select all the work orders in that status and you have the option to make the same adjustment to all of them.



  • Accept multiple work orders by selecting all the work order in “Pending Acceptance”
  • Move all work orders from “In Progress” to “Pending Vendor Invoice” for those work order that you are ready to invoice on
  • Update multiple work orders in “Quote Approved” to “Pending Vendor Invoice” so you can invoice in the system


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