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Accepting/Rejecting Work Orders in fmPilot 2

Accepting/Rejecting Work Orders

You can "Accept" or “Reject” a work order from within the fmPilot2 system. To do this,  Click on the "Checkbox" next to the WO# that is in “Pending Acceptance” Status.

Note: The “Actions” tab will not appear on this screen until you have clicked the "Checkbox" next to the work order number.

Once you have selected the correct work order, click on “Accept Work Order – Needs To Be Scheduled” (means no ETA has been set and the status will be put into “Vendor Accepted”)

If you already have an ETA you will select “Accept Work Order – Already Updated ETA”. (the status will then be placed into “In Progress”)

If you are not going to be able to service the requested work order you would then select “Reject Work Order”.  Once you select “Reject Work Order” you will receive a "Pop-Up" to provide your rejection reason.  Once you make the needed selection you will then need to select "Reject" at the bottom of the "Pop-UP"

Note: IF/When you select "Other" you will have a text field that populates in order for you to provide an explanation of the rejection.

This will let the system know why you had to reject and that we need to find another service provider to do this job.

Please make sure you are accepting your work orders as soon as possible. At times the work order may be re-assigned to a different service provider if it was not accepted by you.

Example of an In Progress Work Order:

Example of a Rejected Work Order:

Once a work order is “Accepted” and the ETA has been updated, the status will automatically move to INPRG – In Progress. If “Rejected” the status will move to VREJCT – Rejected and will be re-dispatched to another Service Provider.

Note: If you are unable to accept or reject a work order you can also do this by contacting the Support Center. The CSR will post notes on the work order regarding the requested update and you will be responsible for entering in the ETA once you have access to the system.


You can also watch the below video tutorial that will walk you through accepting and rejecting work orders in fmPilot 2.0


If you still have questions or need assistance please click on the below button and request help from one of our training/support specialists.


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