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IVR Information and Use Guide

IVR Information


All Clients require that the Service Provider technicians use the automated IVR call system when servicing a location. Use of this system will be reflected on the Service Provider’s company scorecard.

Upon arrival and departure of a location, the technician must use the IVR call system to
“Check In” and “Check Out”. The technician will be required to enter the work order number and their company PIN number (which can be found on each work order) in order to use this system.

The Technician may be required to use the location phone when checking in and out and not a cell phone. Service Providers should be aware of the client requirements and expectations before dispatching the tech to the location.

Use of the IVR ensures that the number of hours billed by the vendor is accurate and the client and service center are aware of when a tech is on-site.


IVR Status for Check in and Out:



IVR Check In/Out Process



  1. Dial into the IVR line
  2. At the voice prompt enter your FacilitySource PIN (located on your dispatch email or company profile).
  3. At the voice prompt enter the Work Order number.
  4. The system will automatically check you in with a current time stamp and change the status to “On-site”
  5. The System will ask for how many technicians are checking in and prompt for a number (default technician count is always 1)


  1. Dial into the IVR call-in number
  2. At the voice prompt enter your FacilitySource PIN; this is located on the Work Order
  3. At the voice prompt enter your Work Order number
  4. Press one (1) if the job has been completed _ Go to Completed
  5. Press two (2) if the job requires a quote _ Go to Proposal
  6. Press three (3) if the job requires _ Go to Need Materials
  7. Press four (4) if the job requires a return visit _ Go to Follow-up
  8. Press five (5) if the job has been completed and no invoice will be submitted with No Invoice


Completed – Status changes to “Pending Provider Invoice”. The work is complete.
Proposal – Status changes to “Pending Quote”. Waiting on quote
Need Materials – Status changes to “Waiting on Material”. Enter new ETA date for follow-up visit.
Follow-up – Status changes to “Follow-Up”. Enter new ETA date for follow-up visit.

*For ETA date: The date must be a six digit number – Example 021414 for Feb 14th 2014.
*After each status listed above, you may hang-up once finished or press (1) to update another Work Order.



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