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What Does The Display Status Mean in 1.0?

Understanding Statuses and Color Coding 

Every status in the fmPilot system is color coded for visual assistance.  The most commonly used status for your operation level, will be listed in the color chart on the ‘Select Work Order’ screen – below the filtering boxes.

For a list of all the statuses, use the drop down list on the ‘WO Status’ filter field box.

*Note: Colors will not appear if using the Mozilla -FireFox browser


List of Statuses and Corresponding Colors


Description/Definition for Statuses


Status Tips

  • To invoice for completed work,  WEB/PM must be in PVINV status
  • To quote a job or get a DNE raised,  WEB/PM must be in PQTE status
  • To check in and out of the IVR system,  WEB/PM must be in INPRG status
  • If there is no charge on a work order, “Zero Invoice” to put in CLOSED status
  • When quotes are approved by the client,  they are moved to the APPR (approved) status-  the WEB will need to be moved to INPRG to complete the work and then to PVINV to invoice
  • If you don’t know what status your work order is in,  you can filter for “All” in the ‘WO Status’ field or type the WEB/PM number into the ‘WEB’ search



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