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Updating Work Order Statuses

Updating Work Order Statuses


Updating Statuses via the Information Stripe

From the ‘Service Desk’ page click on the “Update Work Order” link located on both the left side of the screen and in the middle of the screen:


You should be on the ‘Select Work Order’ Screen (as seen below):


Statuses can be updated from two main locations; from the ‘Action’ drop down list on the information stripe and from inside the ‘Update Work Order’ screen.  

The options for status updates varies depending on what status the WEB or PM is currently in.

EX.1: From the PAC (Pending Acceptance) status ‘Action’ dropdown list, the only options are: Accept, Reject, Print or View



Ex.2: From inside the ‘Update Work Order’ screen, your options may vary slightly and be located by either or the ‘Status’ drop down field or with buttons at the bottom of the page. Accept, Reject, Zero Invoice


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