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Batch Invoicing

Batch Invoicing


If there are work orders in pending invoice, you can utilize the Batch Invoicing tool on the Service Menu.


Once you Select Batch Invoicing, you will be directed to a page that will display all current work orders which are Pending Vendor Invoice, in Batch View. Once you have filled in all fields (Total Labor, Total Matl, Total Tax) you will need to upload an image of your current invoice before selecting the submit button.


The following are examples of errors you might receive if the fields are not completed or filled in correctly. You also have the option to change your total labor if it differs from what you previously submitted online.


If your total exceeds the DNE, you will receive an error indicating you need to correct the fields in order to proceed.


If you do not upload the current Invoice image, you will receive an error indicating you cannot proceed until after you completed this step.


If you do not have the Invoice number field populated, you will receive an error indicating you cannot proceed until after you have completed this step.


**NOTE: The Batch Invoicing screen will display up to 100 Invoices per page**



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