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Updating Work Orders

Updating Work Orders


Click the work order number to view it in its entirety.

From the “Update Work Order” screen, vendors can generate a quote, add comments and enter information regarding cause and remedy.
Vendors may also enter actual labor and materials associated with the job itself.



Click “Add Comment,” to the right of the “Comments” field, to add comments to a work order.


Add a custom comment for the current work order by typing your text in the center box. If you’d rather use a pre-formatted comment, you may do so by selecting one of the options from the comments drop-down menu.

Note: Additional text may be added to a pre-formatted comment by typing the desired text in the center box once you have made your pre-formatted selection.

Select a comment type from the bottom drop-down box and click the “Add” button when finished. Your comment will be automatically appended to the work order along with your name, date and time. 



Send added comments and other related messages to specified recipients by clicking “Save & Email.”


Select a recipient email address from the “Users associated with this work order” box. If necessary, hold down the “Ctrl” key on you keyboard to select more than one email address at a time.

When ready, click the arrow icon  to add your selected recipient to the “To:” field. You may also manually enter recipient email addresses by typing directly into the “To:” field. If you choose to manually enter recipients, use a semi colon to separate multiple email addresses.

The “Search” field can be used to look up email addresses for known Service Desk users who are not already listed in the “Users associated with this work order” box. To use the “Search” feature, enter the first two characters of the user’s last name in the field provided and click the “Search” button. From the search results list, select the desired name and click the arrow icon to add your selected recipient to the “To:” field.

To include your recently posted comment in your email message, select “Comments just added” from the “Quick Msg” drop-down box. Type any additional message in the “Body” text box.

If desired, change the importance level by selecting the proper level from the “Importance” drop-down box.

Click the “Send Email” button to send your email to specified recipients, or click the “Exit” button to cancel the email and return to the “Update Work Order” screen.



Once work is in progress, you can enter the actual labor hours and materials associated with the job by clicking either the “Add Labor” link or the “Add materials/other costs” link from the “Update Work Order” screen.

The “Add labor and materials” entry form will appear. Note: Labor must be entered before materials.


Labor Hours


Enter the labor code of the service provider in the “Labor Code” field and press the “Tab” key on your keyboard.

Enter your standard labor rate for this client.

Use the calendar icons  to enter start and finish times for the work order in the designated fields. Click outside the calendar box to save your entry.

Mark the “OT?” check box if the applied labor hours should be treated as overtime.

In the “Hours” field, enter the actual number of hours worked. Click the “Add” button to record your entry and to bring up another entry line. Repeat the above steps to record all service providers and associated labor hours.


Materials / Other Costs

Enter a description of the cost incurred in the “Material / Other Cost” field.

Enter the quantity of the item used. To correct a previous entry, enter a negative number using the minus sign on your keyboard.

Enter the unit cost of each item. The actual cost will be calculated automatically by fmPilot.

Click the “Add” button to record your entry and to bring up another entry line. Repeat the above steps to record all materials and other costs (e.g. trip charge, fuel charge, freight).


Adding Comments to Labor and Materials

Click the “Auto Comments” drop-down box to select a pre-formatted comment.

The selected pre-formatted comment will appear in the “Enter Comments” box. Enter additional text, as desired.

Select the appropriate comment type from the designated drop-down box or type a description of the work performed. Many clients prefer the latter over the former as the text presented in this box is what will appear on your electronic invoice to the client.

Click the “Add” button to record your comments.

If you would like to send your comments to an email recipient, click the “Email” button to record your comments and to access the fmPilot Message Center.


Work Order Action/Print/Close


Click the “Work Order Action” drop-down box to select a work order action from the menu list.

Click the “Submit” button to change the work order’s status.

If desired, click the “Print’ button to print labor and material details, before exiting.
When finished, click the “Close” button to close the “Add labor and materials” entry form and return to the “Update Work Order” screen.


If you still have questions or need assistance please click on the below button and request help from one of our training/support specialists.



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