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Advanced Reports – Queries

Advanced Reports – Queries


Finding and Saving Queries

Preset filters, also referred to as Queries, may be available for you to select and/or create reports for other users.

First, select work order filters, building filters, or accounting filters from the drop-down box and click “Load.”
Select the drop-down box again to display your personal queries list within the category selected. Highlight the desired query from the list and select “Load.”

The reports page will now load any filters available to you in building or work order filters as chosen. The displayed query can be modified if desired. This will only change the filter for one use. To make permanent changes, see Create and Modify Filters.

If you do not see the filter in the drop-down box, select “Search.” Use the “Filter Name” drop-down box to view the filters available to you. Highlight the desired filter and select “Add.” This will add the query to your personal query list.

Select the desired report format and “View.”


Create and Modify Queries

Queries may be available for you to select and/or create for other users. You can save a selection of filters to be used again by saving it as a query. You can edit your personal query list by removing queries that are no longer relevant. If you created a query or have been named an administrator of a query you can update or edit that query or even delete it completely.

The following choices are available to you:

  • Save as a new query.
  • Remove from my query list.

If you have been named an administrator of the query, you will also be able to:

  • Update the query.
  • Delete the query.


Saving A New Query

If you or others are going to use the same search criteria on a regular basis you can save a new query for repeated use. After you have set all the filters for you search, select “Save as new query” and select “Update”. 
You will need to complete the following information to save your query:


Now that your query is saved, you have the option of selecting Administrators to the query. A query administrator can permanently modify the query, give access to other users, or delete the query without your knowledge if you designate them as an administrator to the query. In order to set an administrator you had to have selected some users in the “User Access” field.

Select “Set Administrators.” The list of users you granted immediate access to will appear.
Select administrators from the list; you can use the Ctrl key to select multiple users.
Select “Save” to add the query to the public query list.


Updating a Query

To make a permanent update to a query:
Select and load the query.
Make any changes to the search criteria boxes.
Select “Update this query” and Select “Update”.
You can change the name, make it public, add to the description and select additional users.
You may assign administrative rights to selected users. See Set Administrators in Save a New Query.
Select, “Save.”


Removing a Query From User List

This procedure will remove a query from your personal query drop-down list only. The query will still be available to other users if it was shared as described in “Save a Query.”

Select the query from the drop-down box.
Select “Load.”
Select “Remove from my query list”.
Select “Update.”

You will be asked if you are sure you want to remove the query prior to the event.


Deleting a Query

This will permanently remove the query from fmPilot.

Select and load the query.
Select “Delete the query” and select “Update”.
You will be asked to confirm the permanent deletion of the query from all user lists.

Note: The Updating and Deleting functionality is available if you are modifying your own query or if you have been named as the administrator of the query.



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