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Attachment Errors

Errors When Adding Attachments


The process for adding attachments has recently changed.

If you encounter an error when attaching an item in fmPilot2, please follow the below steps to correct this.

  • Clear your browser history
  • Close out of all your internet windows and re-open one window, log back into fmPilot
  • You must rename the file

Note: It can only be two words in length and cannot include any type of special characters.

  • Once you have re-named the file you will need to go into the invoice/quote screen
  • You will then select the ‘Paperclip’ icon with a ‘Star’

  • Once you have selected this icon, a new window will appear
  • You will enter in a file name first

Note: This file name must ONLY be one word and cannot contain any spaces or characters.

  • After the file name has been entered you will then select “Choose File” or “Browse”
  • You will find the file on your computer and select “Open”
  • Once you do this, you will be navigated back to the attachment box

  • The system will automatically start to download this file. Please give it a minute or two to            process.
  • Once it is done processing, the attachment box will disappear and your item will be attached
  • Save your Quote/Invoice
  • Submit your Quote/Invoice
  • Once submitted, you will be able to see your attached items by clicking on the ‘Paperclip’ icon without a ‘Star’.



If you still have questions or need assistance please click on the below button and request help from one of our training/support specialists.


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