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How do I update my email address or my contact email?

Email Distribution List & Contact Email List FAQs


I changed my email address in the system, but I still don’t get my WOs emailed to me. How do I fix that?

  • Your email distribution lists are located in a separate part of your company profile that you cannot access. Please email us the email address you need added/removed/updated/corrected to that list, and we will take care of that for you.


How do I change/add/remove my email address in the system?

  • You can update your contact email information from your Company Profile page.


I keep getting emails after you changed my distribution email address. Can you please remove my email address?

  • What emails are you getting?
  • Emails from emailed Comments are selected by the sender. You need to notify the sender who the correct contact person is.
  • We can verify the email address we have in the distribution email list and correct it for you if needed.


Why have I not received any email notifications?

  • There are two reasons why this may be happening:
  • Outage
    • Email distributions will be restored ASAP
  • Not listed in the distribution list
    • We will need to add that address for you


How do I change my primary email address?

  • You can change this from your Company Profile page


How do I change my email/phone number in my company profile?

  • You can change this from your Company Profile page



If you still have questions or need assistance please click on the below button and request help from one of our training/support specialists.


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