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I have questions about labor rates?

Labor Rates


When I try to enter my rate option, it shows up as $0.00. Can you help?

  • This means that the you do not have your rates loaded in fmPilot. You need to select the Manually Enter Rate option.
  • If you do not see that option, we will need to add that for you.


Why are there labor hours at the bottom of my invoice at $0.00?

  • These are pulled over from the IVR.


What do I do if my billed labor hours don’t match the IVR?

  • The billed hours MUST match the IVR. The IVR is in place to verify that the hours billed match the hours worked.
  • There are some instances that permit putting additional hours for dumping, etc. but those are on a case-by case basis.


How do I bill if I’m not billing by labor hour?

  • You can use the Materials option to bill for services that are not charged by labor hour.


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