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If you anticipate the total costs for a work order (including tax) will be greater than the Do Not Exceed (DNE) amount, or you would like to suggest additional work be done, you should submit a quote through fmPilot.

To generate a quote for a selected work order that is either “In Progress” or “Pending Quote,” choose “Generate Quote” from the work order’s “Action” drop-down list on the “Select Work Order” screen. You may also generate a quote for a specific work order simply by clicking the “Generate Quote” button at the bottom of the “Update Work Order” screen.


The quote form displays the details of the work order as well as any actual (or incurred to date) labor and materials costs that were entered for the job. It is essential that you enter your incurred to date costs, if applicable, before entering the costs and scope of work description for the proposed work.

Click “View Quotation Details,” to enter proposed labor and materials costs. fmPilot will subtotal the costs automatically. When ready, click the “Close” to return to the “Quote” screen.

Enter the total amount of sales tax owed, based on incurred and proposed costs.

Compare the new total costs to the DNE at the top of the screen and adjust accordingly.

Click “Generate Quote,” to submit the quote to the client. You will be prompted to confirm the submission. Once the quote has been submitted, it cannot be modified.

Following submission, the quote is ready for review by the client and the work order status will change to “Waiting on Approval.”

If approved, the work order will be assigned to the “Approved” status.

If rejected, the work order will be assigned to the “Rejected” status.

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