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Invoicing Rules/Trapping on fmPilot 1

Invoicing Rules/Trapping


You must enter an invoice number, if you do not, you will receive an error indicating that you cannot proceed until you complete this step.


If your total exceeds the DNE, you will receive an error indicating you need to correct the amount. If you entered an amount higher than the DNE and it is accurate; a quote will need to be submitted
(PQTE) before you can enter an invoice.
Once the quote is approved, you can continue with your invoice submission.

You cannot edit labor and materials, once entered. However, you can add negative amounts to subtract the desired amount. Enter the labor or materials as you would normally, except place a “-“ in front of the amount and it will deduct the selected amount in your total line cost field.


When you select submit invoice, you will receive a reminder that you need to add all appropriate comments and documents. Ensure all items are addressed, before proceeding. Once you have selected submit, you will not be unable to edit the invoice. 


If you choose “Zero Invoice” (located on the Update Work Order screen); you will receive an alert asking you if you want to close the work order and enter a zero balance invoice. This will cause your invoice to be paid for zero dollars. If you do not wish to choose this option, select the “cancel” button on the alert.




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