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Processing Work Orders

Processing Work Orders



Work order actions differ based on the status of any given work order. To select an action for processing a specific work order, click the “Action” drop-down box located below the work order number and choose the desired action from the menu list.



To batch work orders for processing, sort work orders by status and mark the “Batch View” check box.


Sorted work orders appear with a check box located to the left of each work order number. Mark the check boxes of those work orders that should be included in the batch process you are attempting to run.

Note: Selected work orders must be assigned the same status to be batch processed. fmPilot will not batch process selected work orders if the statuses of said work orders differ from one another.

Once the desired work orders have been selected, choose an action from the “Batch View” drop-down box. 
This action will be applied to all selected work orders.


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