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Building Filters

Building Filters


Select the Building

Type the building code in the “Location” field or use the “Find” button to locate the building. (See section on Building Find).


Select Building Report 

Highlight the report you would like (Provider Dispatch Report, Work Code Summary Report, or Advanced Reports – Accounting Filters) and select “View”. After you view it, you can select “Print” or change the building by selecting “Change Filter.”

Select the building you are looking for, using its code, and Select “Done.”


Building Filter Reports – Provider Dispatch Report View

This report will give you detailed property information based on criteria entered. You can print the report or close the window.


Building Filter Reports – Work Code Summary Report View
This report will show you a yearly breakdown with totals. You can change the year located at the top of the report, print the report or close the window.


Advanced Reports – Accounting Filters

The Accounting Filters will enable the user to access specific accounting information determined by defined criteria entered.


Unlike other fmPilot reports, Accounting filter reports generate an editable Excel spreadsheet so information can be manipulated as needed for accounting purposes (the illustration below shows a small sample of the information contained in the report).

In addition to the selectable information described above, the report also includes work order status, estimates, invoice status, contact and location information, and more.


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