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Updating the tax type within a work order

Changing the tax type within a work order


For all work orders in fmPilot you have the ability to update the tax type depending on the location you are servicing.  

First you will click on the “Change Currency or Tax” box:


Once you have selected this box you will then be able to select an item from the top drop down menu. 

You will then select the top drop down menu, it would be CAD for Canadian tax and USD for United States.

Note:  to select multiple tax amounts you will hold down CTRL on your keyboard and click the items to select


Once the top box is selected options will then appear in the bottom drop down field.

For US you will select UST and for Canada you will the appropriate Province tax type.

United States Tax type



Canadian Tax Type


Note: you can select multiple tax types for CAD by holding down the CTRL key on the keyboard and clicking on the selections with your mouse

Once you have made your selection you will click on “Apply”:



Once you have selected “apply” a message will appear that informs you all totals will be set to zero. You will click on “ok”.



NOTE: any and all line items you have entered will be gone and you will have to enter them in again. It is best to check your tax prior to entering in any line items to ensure you do not have to enter them in again

You will then select the save icon in the upper right hand side to save this information.


Once save is selected you will see the tax type change and the tax has now been updated on this work order.


If you still have questions or need assistance please click on the below button and request help from one of our training/support specialists.




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