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How do I add a comment to a work order?

Add A Comment


From list identify the work order number you would like to add comments to and click on the "work order number link". 

Once in the "overview screen" of a work order there are two ways to add a comment.

1. Overview screen- While on the "overview" screen of the work order, scroll to your "bottom right" side of the screen and right underneath the "Schedule" section will be the "Comments" section".



Enter your comment in the comment box.


Once you have entered you comment you can choose to "Add Comment" "Email Comment" or "Cancel Comment".


2. Comments Tab- You can also add comment by selecting the "Comments" tab. This is located right next to the "Finance" tab on the upper left side of the screen.


Once you have selected the "Comments" tab. From the "comments view screen" select the "Add Comment" button.


A new screen will appear, if not make sure that your "Pop Up Blocker" is not preventing the "add comments pop-up" to show.



Enter you comment in "comment box" one you have entered you comment. You will have the options to "Add Comment", "Email Comment" or "Cancel Comment".




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