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Scheduling Work / Updating ETA in fmPilot 2.0

Updating the ETA in fmPilot 2.0


After you have accepted a work order, you need to schedule your estimated time of arrival on site (ETA).
Open the work order you need to schedule by either opening it from your work order list view:


...Or by searching for the work order number:


Once you have opened the work order, click on the "Schedule" tab to open up the scheduling page.




Once inside the scheduling page of your work order, you will see three sets of dates.
The "Target Start Date" is set when the work order is created.

The "Actual" dates are what is recorded by the IVR.

The "Schedule Start Date" is what you need to set.

To do this, click on the drop-down arrow in the "Schedule Start Date" section:

Click on the date you are going to arrive on site.
Click on the hour/minute to set the time you will arrive (you can click and hold and drag to the left to go down and right to go up).

Click on the am/pm to switch from am/pm.

Once you have set your date and time, click out of the calendar (you will see it disappear).
then click the save button.

Once your time saves, you will be re-directed to the overview page of your work order.







If you still need assistance with update the ETA/Scheduling a work order, please click on the below link and submit a request to one of our amazing support/training coordinators.                                           



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