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Updating the ETA in fmPilot 2

Updating the ETA in fmPilot 2.0



After you have accepted a work order, you need to schedule your estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Open the work order you need to schedule by either opening it from your work order list view:


…Or by searching for the work order number:



Once you have opened the work order, from the overview screen the “Scheduling” box will be on the bottom right hand corner.


Once there, you will see three sets of dates.

Target date – Automatically set by the system when work order is created

Schedule date – Date set by your company of when a technician should be expected (ETA)

Actual date – IVR check in/out time will be displayed here.

Click on “Schedule” and select the date and time the technician is expected to arrive onsite.

Once you have set your date and time, click on “done”, then click save (black disc at top right)



If you still need assistance with updating the ETA, please follow the link below and submit a request to one of our amazing Support/Training Coordinators.







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