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Viewing a Work Order

Viewing a Work Order


Open the Work Order by clicking on the BLUE (i.e. WEB-100199 or PM-158669) link.

From the Work Order Overview screen you will have multiple options for viewing data and making updates to the Work Order.



Viewing a Work Order – Information Tabs


The user will be able to view specific information regarding the Work Order by clicking on the tabs located across the top of the screen.


The first screen you come to when entering a work order is the “Overview” screen. This screen gives you the basic information about the work order.


This Vendor option tab will give the user the Service Provider company details as well as the Company


You can also click on the magnifying glass and this will bring you to your vendor information page. You will also find your vendor pin number here.


From the Overview screen the user can view the scheduled, actual and target start/completion times and dates.

Target Start Date = The date the client set-up
Scheduled Start Date = The date you will select as your ETA
Actual Start Date = The first IVR check date
Actual Completion Date = The last IVR check out date

The Finance option tab will give the user the ability to view and or enter quote and invoice information on the Work Order by clicking on the links to the right of the ‘Quote 1’ ‘Quote 2’ and 'Invoice' options.

Note: depending on the status of a work order will depend on your options available under the finance tab. (i.e. Pending Quote or Pending Vendor Invoice will give different options)


The Comments option tab will allow the user to view any comments currently entered on the Work Order as well as enter new comments by clicking the ‘Add Comments’ link or to send an email by clicking ‘Send Email’

Adding Comments

  1. Click on the “Add Comment” button
  2. Check the box(s) of the users who should be able to view the comments
  3. Make any updates or additions to the “Subject” field
  4. Add your notes in the ‘Comment’ field
  5. Click ‘Save’


Sending an Email From the “Comments” tab

  1. Click on the “Send Email” button
  2. Type in the email address of the recipient of the email or click ‘Search’ to locate a specific email address within the system
  3. In the ‘Subject’ field enter any subject notes to be viewed
  4. Enter your comments in the ‘Body’ section
  5. Click ‘Send’ to send the email or ‘Cancel’ to close the page without sending the email



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