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Work Order List View

Work Order List View


After you click on the client name you will be directed to the “Work Order List View” screen.

This screen will list all the work orders you have for that specific client.

If for some reason you do not see a work order, or they are missing a work order in your list view, please remember the system may have automatically sorted your view. To change this, go to “Display Status” and choose “No Filter”.

You will then be able to view all the work orders for this client regardless of the status it is in.


Search – you will be able to enter a specific work order number (i.e. WEB-100010 or PM-122109) and click search.


Filter – you will be able to select and save filter view settings.

Export - This will allow you to export work order information

Display Status – change your view settings



Workorder – This will either take you to the main list menu or to batch/bulk invoicing

Reporting – This will allow you access to the “Reporting” Menu

Administration – this will allow you to access your Company Profile and Security pages.



This function will allow you the ability to locate a single work order by entering in the work order number.

Ex: WEB-109111 or PM-1557981



From the “Filter” drop down list, you can select your own filter settings and choose from those that you have saved.

*Refer to Filtering and Reporting User Guide for more instruction



From the “Export” drop-down list, you will be able to select different types of export options and download your work order list to your computer.


Data Stripe

Each work order is represented in your list view with a unique color outlining it. This is vital work order information. The color of each data stripe corresponds to the current status of the work order.

EX: Light Gray – PAC – Pending Acceptance



Work Order Icons


The WEB/PM/PRO link takes you into the actual work order, in which you can view the work order details and make updates.

These icons allow you the ability to view specific items about the work order at a glance.

As shown above, you also have the ability to click on anything listed in BLUE, which indicates a hyperlink. This takes you to that specific area of the work order.



If you still have questions or need assistance please click on the below button and request help from one of our training/support specialists.


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