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Changing the Work Order Status

Within the fmPilot system the account managers, coordinators, trainers, CSR and vendors will have the ability to change the status of the work order. Depending on your role you will have different actions available to you that will change the work order. 

- the status can always be changed using the "Actions" tab drop-down menu. 

- The vendor has limited access to change the work order status and their options will appear once you select the drop down menu under actions. 

- Denpending on the current status, will depend on the actions that are available. 

For instance, if a work order is in "Pending Vendor Invoice" you may have the below available: 

Or if the work order is in "In Progress" you may have the below available: 


It is also very important to remember that you will have different actions available to you as a trainer vs what the vendor is able to do. It is best to just ask the vendor "When you click on actions, what items do you have available to select?" The vendor will read those to you and you can then direct him/her on the correct selection. 

Make sure you inform the vendor how important it is for the status to match what is actually going on with the job, e.g. if the vendor has ordered materials the status should be "waiting on materials", if the vendor needs to follow back up the status should be "Follow-Up". 




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