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Accepting and Rejecting work orders

Accepting & Rejecting your work order can be done a few ways, but lets go over a few things first:


+ Response time

  • P4: Work order must be accepted within 30 minutes and Service Provider should be onsite within 4 hours or less.
  • P24, P48, P72: Work order must be accepted within 1 hour and onsite within SLA.

 + If you are going to reject a work order, please reject it as soon as possible, the longer you wait, the longer the client is waiting for a repair.


Accepting or Rejecting work orders.


1. The first and best way to accept or reject work orders is through the email you get from us, in the email their are two buttons one says "accept" the other says "reject"

the moment you choose one that action is complete.


2. You can log into and accept or reject the work order using one of the following:


  • You can accept/reject one or multiple work orders at a time. First you will click the white box next to the work orders with the status "PAC", then you will click "Actions" and select "Accept work order - already updated ETA" or "Reject work order"

  • You can also can accept/reject them individually, by clicking the work order number.


  • When the page loads you will click "Actions" and select "Accept work order - already updated ETA" or "reject work order"

Automatically after you choose "Accept work order - already updated ETA", your work order status will change to " In progress"  and your ready to go! 


If you reject the work order it will be reassigned.


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