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How to submit a Quote for Home Depot


New quoting page:

The moment after you log in you will be brought to your Vendor Directory, click on the Client you need to quote for.


After you click on the correct Client you will be brought to the page where you can either search for a work order or click on work order number you need to quote.



 1st) make sure you work order is in Pending Quote, if the work order isn't in Pending Quote click the Actions tab and select re-quote or pending quote.


2nd) Click finance

3rd) click Add next to Quote 1



Step 4 Enter description of work performed.


Step 5 Double-click under “charge type”, select your appropriate line item from the drop-down.

 A description is now required in all charge types. You will enter a description of the line item.


+To edit a line item, you will simply double-click in the field that needs to be edited.

+To delete a line item, you will click on the trash can located to the far right.

Step 6 Once your incurred and estimated costs have been entered, you will save by clicking on the black floppy disc located on the top right corner.

+After saving your quote, you will go up to “actions” and from the drop-down menu select “submit quote”

+The work order will then go into “waiting quote approval”.

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