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Onsite (Store) – Definition of Success


+ Tech calls to set schedule

  • If EMG, teach calls location 30 minutes prior to arrival
  • If Non-EMG tech calls 24 hours prior to arrival

+ Tech meets ETA and is onsite based on priority window

+ Tech check in via the IVR system

+ Tech check in (notifies) location manager on duty

+ Tech presents copy of work order (digital or paper)

+ Tech knows what they are supposed to repair

+ Tech’s goal is to resolve the issue on the first visit

  • Tech makes a temporary fix when possible until materials or quote can be submitted
  • Materials should be sourced locally whenever possible

+ Tech informs manager on duty of what has been completed and if there needs to be a return visit

+ Tech check out via the IVR system


**Note: NO pricing is to be discussed with locations or client staff

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