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How to reset your password

To reset your password click "lost your password"

Then in a few moments you will get an email like the one below:


After getting the email save the temporary password, and click the "here" link in the email.

It will take you back to the login screen to sign in with the temporary password.


Once you are all logged in you can follow the steps below to change your password:


Click "My Profile" at the top right of your screen

Click " Options"

Click " Change Password"

Fill in the required fields, and remember that "Current password" is your Temporary Password that was given in the email, and then create your new password and confirm it, then click change password.


After you click "change password" at the bottom of your screen you will get this pop up:

please follow this last step by clicking " Log-in", you will be taken to the main login screen ready to use your new password!




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