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How to submit PM work orders for Home Depot

PM Invoicing

Once you log in, you will be on you Vendor Directory list, under Clients click on the Client you need to invoice for.


After you click the correct Client you will be on the screen where you can search or click on work order number.


1st) Make sure it is in Pending Vendor invoice

2nd) Click Finance

3rd) Click Add

4th) Enter in your invoice number.

5th) Enter in the Description of work Performed

6th) Double Click in the white box under Charge type, select contacted service or choose Material. Item and option will auto populate, for Description enter the pm service provided, Rate is the Total invoice amount, & QTY is left as 1.

Once completed click on the black floppy disc  to save the invoice.

Attach any needed items by clicking on the paperclip 5-15-2017_9-01-51_AM.png, once you have added your attachments, click “Actions” and "Submit Invoice".

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