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How to Quote IFM Work orders

Let's get started and log in first! Go to, and use the login information that was emailed to you, then click log on.


Once you log in you will be brought to the " Vendor Directory" this is where you will click on your client " IFM"

+   Then you will be brought to your work order list view. Here you will see your open work orders, once you see the work order you need to Quote click on the Web number.


Make Sure your are in Pending Quote,  then click the tab that says "Finance".


In the finance section look down until you see Quote 1.

+ Then click "add" or the amount you see next to Quote 1.


Now let's fill out your Quote to get it submitted!

Step 1

Enter your "Description of work performed". provide details on what you did while on site to complete the work order, please keep it simple and to the point.


Step 2

 Line Item Details  - You will first scroll to the bottom and “double” click in the White Box under “Charge Type”. You will select the appropriate line item type with the drop down menu or by typing the first few letters of the charge type name.


Step 3

When you are finished entering in the charge type, you can use the “tab” button on your keyboard to move to the next spot OR double-click under "Item" & "Option", then Add a Description.

Then add the amount in "Rate" and fill in QTY, your amount will auto-calculate 



+To edit a line item, you will simply double-click in the field that needs to be edited.

+To delete a line item, you will click on the trash can located to the far right.


Once all 3 steps are complete you will

+ Click the black floppy disk  at the top right of your screen to save

+ Then click the paper clip 5-15-2017_9-01-51_AM.png to upload backup files as needed (i.e. sign off, before/after pictures, etc..)

+ Lastly you will Click “Actions” then select

“Submit Quote”.

And wait till it says " Waiting on Quote Approval"









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