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Accepting Multiple Work Orders in fmPilot 2


How to Accept Multiple Work Orders in fmPilot2


Once you click on your client and you are in your work order list page, filter only to see work orders in “pending acceptance” (PAC)


All work orders in “Pending Acceptance” will be pulled:


Click on the first box in the first work order, you will then notice an “Actions” tab appear on the top left, next to “Display status”. From “Actions” you will click “Select All”


The system will then select all work orders in that status (Pending Acceptance)

After all work order are selected by the system, go back to “Actions”, this time you will select “Accept Work Order – Already Updated ETA”

All work orders will go to “In Progress” status. You may see a message stating there are no work orders to be displayed, this is because the filter to view only work orders in “Pending Acceptance” is still active.

Go back to the “work order status” filter, this time only select to view work orders that are “In Progress” then click on “submit query”

All work orders now are “In Progress”


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